Paint the map blue challenge

Tired of the walkered territories in our region, my fac decided to clear them all. Was a fun group activity.

Join us in the paint the map blue challenge and upload your screenshot and/or videos !

*we didn’t want junkyard/farm hideout btw


Was so much fun!! Lol :slight_smile:


Nah to much work

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Haha did require a lot of work. I’ll have to check and see how many of us were on to do this

Pretty bad when as players we have to get creative to find something in this game to do.


Lol boredom is what triggered it. Someone in the fac even said this is the most game fun they’ve had in weeks :disappointed::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


And I bet in a hour it will be all back to white. People just love to walker those things it’s a weird addiction

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Haha that’s what we thought too, but surprisingly only one been walkered so far. All the other facs been putting teams in

I do it because it’s funny watching people get angry.

Lol that’s probably what motivates a lot of people to walker in the first place

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The game also walkers them. It’s not just the players.

gonna try the paint the map white challenge

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Ok ok I took a lil look and it appears juggs is the only faction in tts atm :rofl:

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