Pain split tweaking


Just here to talk about how pain split needs some improvements. Not sure what exactly can be done, but pain split is horrible. 1st thing, its only decent when it comes to taking basic hits. 2nd, it sucks at absorbing rushes from what I’ve seen. I fought a few lineups with 6-star erika being the lead and garrett being in the team, and once garrett ‘split pain’ with a 6-star governor, I used my Tyreese which killed garrett, tyreese (was in front of garrett) and governor in one rush. That’s way too easy! It was funny because it was a top player who has all stun and impair. In just a few rounds, I almost destroyed a top notch team with little to no effort. If anything, split pain can be against you, and I doubt the developers wanted to implement something that can turn the tides into your opponents favor just because your garrett used his rush. Same reason goes for wyatt, but he’s a bit better because carl leadership skill buffs his durabilty and so does wyatt’s rush (60% def for both teammates who get split pain)

  • Re-adjust split pain to be more effective
  • Keep split pain as it is

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I think at first glance pain split would had been ideal for spitting with lower hp characters typically ideal for shields or guardians. But the opposite happens which am totally fine with that least it is still predictable but what is a debby downer for me is that the ap they receive is 1ap…like wtf can anyone do with 1ap per hit with pain spliters. Would had been huge if it gain tons of ap while there is a leader with huge ap when defending and the characters sharing pain split also has huge ap when taking damage that would be very ideal and make for great strategy and more usefulness out of those scenarios.


Agree with 2dogg. If covering weak toon would be great.

If it calculated damage to both toons then allied the lowest split between the 2 it would be cool.

Overall Tyrese rush is ridiculously powerful.


As someone who has a max lv t4 ty, I can say that I should not be nuking max level t3 yellows or greens on Carl teams for 1900 or greater damage if left unchecked.

Hes still soft but thats mitigated by the fact he is an anti-resurrect with a line rush that damn near one hit kos whatever line he hits.

Edit: My point being Pain Split is one way that these toons stayed up after a hit, ita not useless when it isnt used vs a weakness toon (Red v Blue for example) where the damage in my case sometimes hit as high as 6-8k.