Pain Split Bug?

So I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but I was trying out a team that has Garrett and Maggie. Both have pain split. So I used Maggie’s rush first, and then Garrett’s rush. Just trying to see how they would work together. If the pain split would go to different toons which would make sense. But to my suprise, Garrett’s pain split cancels out Maggie’s. In my experience with buffs and stuff like that is that the stronger one always stays. So just trying to see if this is by design or a bug. Thanks



Working as intended:

Strange I fought a team with carl lead that had wyatt and maggie in it both used pain split and there were 4 teammates under pain split.

It is based on current HP, not max HP. So if between wyatt and magie ARs, you managed to damage the enemy team, the highest current HP fighter might have changed.

Yeah poor game design. Should go to highest hp not already pain splitted.

Or split 3 way… Mwahajaaja but seriously. Other abilities respond with different conditionals, not sure why this doesn’t.


What he is saying is that Maggie pain splits for two turns, then when Garrett goes off, the one turn pain split overrides the two turn one, isn’t the stronger/longer buff supposed to stay ?

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Ah I see. @Agrajag, what do you say about it?


Thanks Jab

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hmm yeah id say that in the case for effects like these where there isnt an actual potency value, the turn counts should be influencing priority

The problem in this instance is that Garrett also has 25% bonus HP to both characters, which is applied along with the Pain Split, so you’d be losing out on that as well. More consideration for how to handle this sort of thing will be done before a solution is made.


All would be solved if it matched with non painsplit toon and only over writes ito highest hp is there are no potential matches regardless of turns applied. Would improve dynamics and make multiple painsplit viable.

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IMO. Multiple pain splits would be too much. They limit gaurdian to 2. I think a single pain split is fine. They could apply the heal. And keep the 2 round split.

Question related to pain split. If i target one Charakter which has pain split with a multi target attack, eg. Shiva eze, and the pain split partner gets hit by the second attack, i often have the feeling that only one of these attacks causes dmg. Anyone has the same feeling or am i just wrong?

Wrong :). It shows one damage number, but it is the sum of both damage.

nice, thx :smile: