Pain split and reflect damage Q/A?


Question I have with pain split is when it is active do the damage received from attacks make reflect damage weaker or stronger? Wyatt of course has this set up I haven’t used it to test but just a question to anyone who has tested this.



Meh. Very likely still useless :wink:

But still a good question to just know what they decided or did not think to look at. I would hazard total damage, cause then it gets split evenly before hpo reduction but can’t say for sure.


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If you fighter is pain split and triggers reflect damage, the damage reflected in based on the damage amount that fighter is receiving, which means reflect damage would be weaker.

e.g: original damage is 200.
your reflect damage fighter then split it into two 100 damage and triggers 80% reflect damage.
reflect damage would be 80 in this case.


Thanks for clarifying that!


Makes the choice of default mod on wyatts harpoon even worse, reflect is kind of garbage to begin with, but it is made even worse by his rush.


Yeah I guess it should had been obvious to me but had to make sure


What if he 2nd toon splitting the pain also has reflect. Does the secondary target reflect damage back to the attacker?


No, pain split mate doesn’t trigger weapon effect from receiving pain split damage.




I have a -30 ap weapon on wyatt.
When he gets confused and hits his pain split buddy i have had times where that -30ap hits his buddy and then it bounces back and hits himself



If reflect didn’t charge ar, it’d be tar more popular are useful. Any chance that gets tweaked? Right now it’s a useless effect for most.


Still wouldn’t be useful. If it reflect rush dmg then we’d have something to talk about, but still unlikely to be used. If it pumped out 150% dmg still not very useful as the damage is coming in from multiple directions so you are only putting back very little on each triggering of this ability.

It’s in the same class as bleed when attacking or defending. It’s laughable. More to be there to get you excited you got a critical craft to find out you got the crap alternatives.