Pain Split and Elle: Bug?

Has anyone else noticed that when Elle is painsplitting she will trigger bide upon death? I’ve done a lot of testing, and am pretty certain that the painsplitting damage is counted separately from actual damage, and it triggers bide. I consistently hit a def nerfed Elle with Amber, dealing over 6k damage to her and two others, yet bide triggers and kills Amber all the time.

I’d love to understand what’s going on, so thanks in advance.

**Edited to add photo

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So basically: more broken ass shit that won’t get any attention because… Scopely.


But it did get some attention…:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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Pretty much. Safest approach for now is try not attacking the pain split partner as well.

Using a retribution specialist works well. Just dogpile Elle turn 1 with a bunch of greens and make sure the retribution spec gets the hit that triggers bide. It will kill them, and the rest of your team can rush turn 2.


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