Pain Spilt Colours

Sorry if this has already been asked but it was just brought to my attention and now I can’t unsee it.
Is there any particular reason that the pain spilt icon changes colour with every use?
I don’t really understand why it should. I currently run 2 pain splits and assumed it was a colour for each but I was incorrect, every time you use the rush it’s a different colour.
Sorry if you hadn’t noticed and I’ve just smashed the glass for you too!
Any insight would be great
Thanks all :slight_smile:



that’s why scopely don’t take our issues seriously


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Thanks for the info. I was asked by someone else and thought this place was for sharing info Including questions that may look simple to you?
If I haddnt have been rushing to work I’d have prob found that myself but alas was time constrained.
Thanks anyway


I know it is not your description but it contradicts itself. Ally C uses pain split it removes the pain spilt Ally B has and creates a spilt with Ally A. So only 2 ally’s have pain split. So how can there be multiple pairings if it removes the link of the first pain split?


no, this place is for trolling, mocking and insulting, what else did you expect?


Of course. I was mistaken, how could I have forgotten!

This was brought to me by another player on my server and I feel it helps clear up my orginal question slightly better than the scopley answer… Maybe…

Pain Split:
There’s pretty colors when you activate this! I’ll simplify! If Maggie pain splits with Negan they share all the pain! But then (other pain split character ~ I dunno who else has it, characters are weird) activated it, Maggie gets a boot and potato character shares with Negan all their pain and you get another pretty color! Since it already states you can’t have multiple characters doing pain split once, there will only ever be two and not four! Even still, you’ll get a bunch of pretty colors each time!

Yet, the official description states

lol, Maybe Scopely doesn’t know either

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I think the first ally retains the original colour and any subsequent pain split ally takes on the new colour, if both are active at once. Which happens when a pain split toon manages to rush again before first pain split expires.

What I can’t fathom is why they bother to do this when the visual indicator for the number of turns left seems to work just fine for every other effect.

Wasnt this the reason Al Gore invented the internet in the first place? :wink:

Pain Split goes to the highest HP teammate, so if between Pain Split activations, the highest HP changes, then you can have two pairing.

Roger that

Goes to highest hp.

If highest hp is no longer the toon with painsplit it’ll have 2 active sets.

Note. This is y u shouldn’t painsplit rush twice on the same turn unless uve healed between

Your too late, someone already beat you to it, go make a excel spreadsheet for me


Better than doing real work

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