Paid to not renew Survivors Club

Paid to renew club subscription and it failed. Yet Scopely has my . WTF. No replies yet from support. Last time I spend on this or anything else from Scopely. Fucktarded developers! Thanks for stealing from me Scopely.


You can try @JB.Scopely’s advice in this thread. Some people still say it didn’t work but at least it gives you something to try, Scopely claims this error code is not on their end.

Clear cache, restart app, and more importantly…

Keep on surviving…


Did all that. Nothing. Far as I’m concerned, Scopely ripped me off. About time to retire. Never spending $ on a mobile app again.

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The whole SC thing was kinda shady from the start. Hopefully they’ll take it to the team shortly.


contact support, get there response, if ingame support refuses to help you screenshot them saying they cant help you with the failed transaction then show that to google or istore and get a refund. worst thing you could do is let them keep the money when you didnt receive anything for it.


You probably do have it. Claim the blue walkie in offers, then do the roadmap. Uninstall the game and reinstall it. Also clear Googleplay app data.


Thanks for this. Helped set me straight.

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