P2P factions are funny


Top 3 faction had a decent lead on us, 38k to 24k and we had a sliver if health left, 3 camps hanging on, almost dead. We took out 3 if them and they Insta repaired.

How ______ can they be!


Coin for 30 seconds. Very worth it! Lots of those factions have rules if you don’t coin you are kicked. Love finding the weak link in those factions and make the coin 2-3 times a match.


100% free to play.

Not the point, guess you are one of them.


Lol. Good solid arguments from you. I am very well off, but thanks for your concern.


Still Completely missing the point.

But just so you know, I am able to live very well of my retirement pay, and the job I have brings in enough cash to do pretty much whatever I want.

But you can believe what you want.


Playing this game was a bad life choice for me lol


I meant in life, not the game. In game F2P.


Name calling. Nice.

Without free to play this game would not exist. Sounds like you have dumped tons of money into this game and regret ever penny of it. I do feel bad for you.

Have a good life.


This is such a pointless conversation. Who cares if people spend or don’t spend?!


Dosen’t surprise me. CRW’s have always been massive coinfests


Many top factions realize speed wins. You dont sit around waiting for repairs and natural energy fills if you want to place high. So maybe, in this instance, the rest are on CD for 2 mins, so the guys coin up to take last 3 hits and move on to next match.


Welcome back to the forums Troll…


This is just not true there’s no faction that will kick someone for not coining against a low faction


I don’t get what the op’s original statement was really complaining about. If you could destroy them before they coined again, it’s more points for you because you are able to attack them. It’s their stupidity and your points advantage imo.


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