Owning Up and Announcing

Also if I don’t choose to collect the toon available are you 100% certain we won’t lose the plushes?


Thanks for coming back to forums Bane, I think it will help to have this avenue to provide you Player input for the council. I’m not sure what the issue is with two cms linking the post, it takes literally no time or thought to press like.

As for the plushies, I thought they were going to be useful in some future collection. I personally would like a way to trade in any excess stuff we have for something we need more.

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I will accept conversion to Veteran rings :wink:


Welcome back @Bane glad to know you are on the council

How about perhaps because there’s a million other things they can be addressing? Yet for some reason, they like the post by a player who quit, then happened to be picked onto the council after he quit… is that the requirement to get on the council now?


Idk maybe we should all try it


Wow, just wow… Took you a whole minute to respond, yet day after day you fail to respond to important issues. What a joke!


It a bit vague will the polishes be converted into the next collection items as I have over 10k of them

oh a nobody is back okay

Gotta agree with this. Ignoring people asking for help/answers yet can post a quite lengthy post on banes “return post”. Quite a lot of people will miss that information that they’ve been asking for. It’s just favoritism and to be quite frank I’m over it.

However, I am glad that Bane is on the council because I do believe hes one of the only people who actually take into account the experience of f2p and people struggling to keep up with the rosters of high level players. I think the majority of the people in PU and in PC are concerned for their own bank balance and not much of anything else. Lets be fair, when the things they want fixed have been done they will go back to spending and raise a middle finger to the f2p they claimed to be helping :wink:


Why not overhaul the whole reward structure. Community has been asking for this for months and 0 replies or acknowledgments were given.


What you mean with "you let us all down“? It was predictable that you won‘t retire. It‘s a typical pattern of several people in this community. That way they gain some attention and can celebrate their… comeback… after 1-2 weeks. Same old same old. :smile:

It‘s just pathetic what‘s happening in here. CMs ignoring issues and problems all week but when some guy celebrates his comeback they are immediately here and kissing ass.





This seems weird all this just doesn’t feel right…


Can we please not blame Bane for the fact CMs chose to post here? He came back to forums and posted out his line so you all could contact him easily. The insult and slap in the face came from JB not from him. Just keep that in mind.


Can I also bring up how the sombreros, beach balls, and seashells just disappeared and went to waste too? I think i read somewhere (correct me if im wrong) that we’ll receive supply depot points for the unused collection items left but I received NOTHING.

If they’re gonna be reused in the future like what was said with the plushies, please confirm it as well. Thank you @JB.Scopely


The insult is from Scopely for sure and just reeks of desperation imo. This is all convenient isn’t it? They took down his post and left up Wandys. Then after taking down his post, he’s elected to the council? Sounds like they are trying to just keep Bane around as he was one of the faces of PU and hoping this will calm everyone back down.


We asked for the PC to be up front and transparent so let’s not bash the people who are actually coming forward.

Plenty of players have rage quit due to the state of this game at one time or another, I know I have. It’s not about attention it’s pure frustration. I’m sure @Bane gets that which is why I’m glad people like him and others who have at one time quit or nuked their accounts are on the council.


@Bane so no European in the Council? Can you please pass on the message that Euros are f* in most tournaments since most start and/or end between 2-4am?