Owning Up and Announcing

First let me apologize to the community for basically rage quitting the forums and game at first, and then deciding to still play but remain off the forums. I let you all down and for that I am sorry. I will do my best to right the ship and earn the trust again.

That being said, I did want to state that I am on the council now. There is a good mix of members, I don’t know each one personally but am hopeful. My forums is back up and running to received feedback and my Line ID is bane909 should you rather give feedback there.


Welcome back on the forums sir. :slight_smile:


You can answer this? Yet you can’t answer the worries dozens of us have over chihuahua plush being wasted?
Wow, priorities at Scopely really need to be checked.
No-one cures someone left for attention then came back. We care about the damn game


Insta liked by the two cms… this is getting pathetic. Sorry bane. Your the man. But this is some bs.


Welcome back bane, ``I hope they’ll listen to you and the pc but well, it might be just an utopia

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Didnt even know u rage quit.
It’s okay thou happens to all of us

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it’s got 3 likes now!

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What would you like to see them used for? Asking because i want to know what it is that will help u the most

Either a collection for hand crank radios, watches and other 6* gear.

Trainer collection in the museum.

A choice of a selection of GOOD PREMIER toons in museum collections. They should all cost 10k at most. Gear ones should be 2k. Trainers 2.5k. A 6* should be between 5 and 10k.

By a good 6* Premier I mean Absolute Defense Revive Lydia, Revive Gabe, Alice etc


This is the best thing said on forums ever. EVERRRRR :joy::joy::joy:

Congrats on being on pc @Bane !
May it help to reenergize ur love of the game. I know you’re interested in seeing the communitys opinions heard by Scopely. :blush:


I figured gear would be one, trainers is another good idea i didn’t think about.

Good luck on the council @Bane really hope you guys can make some changes or least be a voice the CMs can listen too because that sure isn’t us.
I won’t hold my breath though.


I hear you @ThatOberlinFeel

@GR.Scopely has been giving updates on all current matters as far as I can see.

Arenas Access
The team is currently proofing a fix for it. It’ll likely need to be embedded to an upcoming patch to iron out this issue. Thanks for bearing with us on this one.

MESH 1000
This is the top priority of the day, we’ve naturally seen all the player reports and tickets received to our game support on this front.
Guillaume has documented all this to our developers and we’ll be working to solve this one as fast we can.

PLUSHES / Wheel Collectibles
I know you guys have been very vocal on this front, and eager to find out more. As a first round of information, I can confirm that the design intent is for players to be able to re-utilise those collectibles, or to be able to convert them down the line - they will not be lost!
We’re still pending on the fine prints for this design piece, and whenever it gets sign off, we’ll share exhaustive details with the community.

PS: apologies for hijacking the thread @Bane - back to your come back celebrations.


Outside of leagues I don’t see many opportunities at the T2 6* stuff like radios and watches. We need a 6* gear roadmap on the Sunday we get the Ultimate map

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That plushes info would be extremely useful in the excess plush thread.
Just saying. Might stop all the complaining.

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Appreciate owning up to the mistake Bane. Something I wish scopely would do more often.

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Zero credibility. This has been a complaint since the last collection (seashells or whatever) and now the chihuahua collection. In total, it’s been close to 2 months. And yet your still working on fine print? There was no fine print in your Priya was there?

They will come back at a later time? Thanks. That’s exactly what we want to fight for. Rewards that may or may not come back in months or years. Get a clue.


Putting the plushes concerns in a dedicated thread for it would be better, for more visibility and to stop complaining but thanks for the effort tho, appreciated, but please, don’t put useless toons in there.

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Knowing Scopely they’ll do a wheel with plushies with a 0.5% chance of pulling an amazing Premier 6*. 1.5% chance of a normal 6* and a 98.5% chance of a Burt. All for 10k plushies please