Overpowered Samuel?

Whats the matter with that guy ?

Is he the King of Raid or something ?

Feels like im fine raiding without that dude. EVEN my full Samuel team got killed first round.-.-Waiting for the raidcan only offer as everyone.


I have never understood the decision to add Samuel to this raid package. Why is he there? Is there something about him the rest of us don’t know about? Is he the key that unlocks super easy raid opponents? Boggles the mind tbh.


Just some regular Scopley logic :wink:


Probably same thing as wendy, someone scripted something else, it got bugged and no one bothered to fix it - that is the legend of samuel.

Back when the game was still an infant he was considered top tier among 3*'s. But here I don’t understand the logic of putting him with raiding resources :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Scopely probably hasn’t thought of updating the deal since you can just use him for fodder anyways.

Maybe would buy that if he was a 3*.

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10 of him on a team would at least last 2 rounds :confused:

It’s not about Samuel (Sam), it’s about the male of the next generation

It’s obvious the guys that make the offers and deals simply don’t play the game if they did they would no this make sure no sense at all.

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Ive always wondered this. Dumbest offer. I dont want him clogging my roster space lol.

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He is a 45 AR toon. Give him a 20% AP blue weapon with andrea lead and he AR round 2 or even round 1 with a commander.

Only issue is any toon 4*+ just looks at him dodgy and he is dead lol

You are talking about a 2* when the focus is on 6’s. It’s laughable really. You’d think it would be a level up/raid combo but seems everyone at scopely is like officer Dewey from scary movie.