Overheal Specialist Skill - Bug Fix


It was recently discovered that the Overheal Specialist Skill was not functioning as intended, specifically:

  1. Overheal was triggering when healing above 50% instead of 100%.
  2. Overheal was only providing 25% Bonus HP instead of 50%.

Both of these issues have now been corrected. Please expect to see these fixes reflected in the game within the next few hours.

Thank you!

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noice jb
now work on territory bugs since you guys can fix this that fast :wink:


Pls give free revive human shield, yes?


Y’all just can’t put your features through intensive testing before releasing them, can’t you?

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What @High_Power can you give us a free to play shield

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Lol, why do people keep asking for def toons, whales will still destroy you in 3 or 4 turns… need to be asking for attack toons. I’m tired of seeing threads about def being to hard… what do you think will happen if/when everyone has a shield


Already have a good attack team it is my defence team that sucks that why I need a shield. Bruce and Regina combo is all I need they are beastly against time out team and Lydia teams

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