Overheal not working as described


The new overheal skill actually is only healing for 25% bonus hp over 100%, not the stated 50%. Just a heads up for any of you thinking of pulling sherry.


Just for clarity, Sherry is using her own rush to heal 100% when she is already at 100%, so 50% of that should be converted to bonus HP instead amounting to 1302 bonus HP. Instead she is only getting 651 bonus HP, amounting to 25% of the 100% heal

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That sucks.



Agree that’s clearly a bug.

On a different note, what is that team? Did you hit auto-fill?


It is exactly 25% so could be an issue with the rush not upgrading properly and just showing a visual upgrade - to check if its an overheal issue or a rush issue heal her with someone else too.


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“Release the Sherry!”

“But, shes broken sir.”



I tried healing with Eric too but same situation, should have been 12.5% of the max but instead got 6.25% of max

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definitely an Overheal issue then, cheers, will pass it on.

What level is her rush currently at for you?


She’s totally maxed on AR, Active and t4 lvl 90

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dont even wait a week to level her? i wish i could do that

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Well that’s a surprise. Releasing a broken toon.



Playing DC Legends and their over heal with Empress had always work perfectly.


yeah i’ve noticed that too. I gave a 'rallying ’ knife to the rick which heals all teammates by like 20 percent or something but she lost HP

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