Overall value, building profit and player engagement


One of the things I’m very surprised at, for a game like this that has such an enormous community and profit potential, is the lack of player-value.

Good toons -should- be expensive. That’s normal and expected.

Craftable weapon parts in the shop should be about 1/20th the price they are now. I can’t imagine anyone is buying sandpaper unless a grossly misinformed player.

Cans and the like shouldn’t be an expensive commodity. They allow players to -keep- playing your game. War cans, to some degree, I can understand having a premium on, but just about every other one should be available in packages that -add- to the player experience.

Grenades, first aid kits, battle items in general should -never- be included in bags to raise the cost. These items have no appeal to players outside very new ones. I could totally understand a “newbie bag” for a low coin price with x20 deluxe replenish and smelling salts and the like, but any player who’s been involved a short time likely has dozens, if not hundreds of these items.

The survival road offer for 7.99, with six cans and 5x of each trait revive, is a solid offer.

The 9.99 offer with 700 gold -plus- a Benedict, that was a solid offer.

But for some reason all offers since have been so dramatically inflated I cannot fathom player engagement outside of heavy, heavy whales.

Reasonable offers on a digitable product will grossly increase player engagement. I would certainly spend a great deal more if I saw I’d get value for my money. But for every offer lately I cannot see any kind of worthwhile return for my investment.


Here’s an example. Fifty dollars for the top items in each bag might be reasonable. But given odds it’s 50.00 for the likely event of something worth 5-10.00.

Coin bags being random is fair enough as the product they purchased (coins) was guaranteed and disclosed.

Having -one- bonus item in an offer is reasonable too.

Having the majority of the items be random and in all likelihood grossly scaled towards the least desireable for a considerable amount of money is unappealing at best and offensive at worst.


I would go a step further and say that offers like this are pushing me towards quitting the game. I know that ‘threat’ is thrown out there often - “Grrr I’m leaving the game because (insert reason here)” - but trust me, this is different.

It boils down to exactly what you’re getting at - player value. There is a balance where a game can be profitable and players feel they’re getting a good value, and frankly, Scopely right now is WAY off. As these offers continue to flood my inbox, I feel more and more compelled to just delete the app. Why would I keep playing a game that obviously offers very little return on my hard-earned cash? I just downloaded Shadow of War on my Xbox for 60 bucks and it offers way more content, balance and value.

The $50 offer you referenced? It will give me 2 seconds of excitement when opening it to see what I got, and then about 2 weeks of feeling terrible with regret. Games should not make people feel like that. And, based off the odds of these ‘chance at’ boxes, most will regret the purchase immensely.

I’ve said this before - the only reason why Scopely can even imagine putting out offers like this is because they KNOW that this game is a thinly veiled slot machine, and the addicts will keep trying their luck. There is absolutely no way a reasonable person would say it is a good value.


I would have to disagree. Once I got a bit of perspective it was not hard too see that $49.99 is a far cry from reasonable.

$49.99 is a AAA game for Playstation 4, or Xbox One, the full experience, no extra purchase required.
$49.99 is a decent brunch for you and your three friends.
$49.99 is a one way flight ticket from San Fransisco to Los Angeles.

$49.99 is NOT a reasonable price for some gear that does not even take you 1/10th of levelling a single character in a mobile game.


I’m not saying I like the prices, just that (even with Scopely’s inflated sense of product value) the method of delivery is way off.