Over-sensitive swipe to defend bug is back again in 9.1


The over-sensitive swipe to defend bug appears to be back again in 9.1

When tapping the toon buttons at the bottom of the screen to attack, this bug causes you to defend or trigger 6* active AR instead, as though you swiped the button instead of tapping it. This can result in a enemy toon you were about to kill or neutralise being able to use AR on you and potentially turn the battle in their favour.

It most frequently occurs when tapping the buttons in quick succession to mass attack an enemy toon but can also sometimes occur when individually tapping too.

The buttons should have to pressed and swiped (Slide finger a reasonable distance) to active defense or 6* AR.

There was a similar bug a while ago but it was fixed.

Developer's- Why when raiding does it sometimes uncheck

This bug is especially annoying in survival road with the persistent active skill for 6*

Shiva’s active skill got unintentionally triggered and wasted 3 times in a stage, stunning a toon that didn’t need to be stunned.


Don’t think this sensitivity value got changed, but I’ll check it anyways and see.


Can now confirm nothing different in data, anything you might have inadvertently knocked on here @CombatDevIl?


No, I haven’t, but I noticed it too on Iphone X. It might be related to the screen density as Iphone X has one of the biggest ones. @Anubis which device is yours?


I’m on an iPhone 6 and since updating to 9.1.1 I have accidentally defended or used active skills more times than I have in the past two years, pretty annoying


Also an iPhone6s user. Noticing this lately. i tap normally but it defends


Complete opposite here, lately I have been trying to use active skill and accidentally attacked instead. It happens quite often and hasn’t been an issue in the past.


My experience has been that it’s over sensitive to activate defend when quickly tapping but under sensitive when trying to active active skill by swiping left.


Then they need to change it for iPhone X. That is becoming more than an annoyance.

I noticed trying to sell your items has also become a chore for iPhone X users. Instead of tapping and holding, I now have to manually tap one time to increase the number of items I want to sell by ONE. So now if I want to sell a thousand replenish for food, I have to tap 1000 Times? That’s absurd


This bug is still present in the latest 9.2.2 version and is extremely annoying.

It’s more likely to happen when pressing the toon icon buttons in quick succession to manually fast attack but it can also occur when individually tapping too. The problem occurs for me both on iPhone 6 Plus and on new iPhone X too.

I think this may happen if your finger moves very slightly when tapping. I’ve sometimes ended up with 3 toons defending!

Also, it can end-up accidentally triggering 6* active skill at the wrong time (This is more likely to happen when tapping the buttons right-left instead of left-right) which is especially annoying on survival road.


I always go right to left and I defend and use active skill. VERY annoying

I thought this was still only happening to me


It takes me at least a few swipes to do an active skill on my phone, I hate it. Usually I just give up on using it.


I had 4 toons all end up defending when tapping to attack in quick succession :frowning:

This bug is so annoying when trying to manually attack quickly.

Not sure what changed in 9.1 but it had been been fixed prior to that but returned with after this update. It could also be specific to certain devices (iPhone X and 6 Plus both have this issue for me.)


Agree, this is an issue for me as well. It often is a real game changer, and not in a good way (for me anyway).


I can not use. Active or defend at all ever for any reason. No luck finding a solution. Galaxy note 4