Over priced offers when coin price is used


The offer in the picture is priced at 1,650 coins but to buy enough coins you need to buy 1500 coins for 19.99 & 330 for 4.99 with 180 coins left over.

Yet the offer has the same content as their 9.99 trainer offers they normally advertise.

The 1,650 coin offer states you get a FREE lucky stash pull but it is clearly not free if the difference in price is nearly an extra 15.00.

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The difference is that coins can be farmed through tapjoy and won in leagues. A “F2P” player can take advantage of an offer without paying real money, just “free” coins from videos and tapjoy offers.

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Not at the moment Deggy no tapjoy ads for nearly a week now :frowning:


Play those dodgy games. Play the spelling bee with made up words in it. Watch the gardens cape ad for one while coin a time.


Last stage for lousy 9000 coins could get you Alice

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The real difference is you get a “free” lucky token pull (so you pay extra because of the lucky token)


Does anyone know how much each of the 5 offers cost?

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