Over priced game

This game is way too over priced to compete any more. Spending thousands on Priya S class is just ridiculous for a few grain of pixels. Also scopley releasing trash legacy that have no place in this generation. Sorry to say I’m a next person leaving this game as it loosing the competitive edge and becoming pay to win completely.

I will focusing my time now on raid shadow legends which I just started 2 days and is enjoying far more than this game.

Anyone looking for a new game try raid shadow legends I highly recommend it.

Here’s my install link for Raid: Shadow Legends. Get it through this link and both of us will get some free stuff to boost us along!


The game is very good, what people hate is Scopely and what they does with it


I got coins to try that game. I didn’t enjoy it, but it’s cool that you do. To me raid is a cookie cutter afk auto play game that is all the rage these days. They give you more currency free and respect their players. So there’s that

what link

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Not to be disrespectful… but the op is trying to help themself. The referral bonus is a way to get bonus credits for free. So they are taking advantage of the situation for personal gain.

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No offense taken my dude :grinning:

its beneficial for both parties, thats how i see it.
hey at least mutual benefit is something Scopely does not know, this is better than that lol :laughing:

if iam not mistaken both players get some goodies for this. OP just forgot to put in the link

Yes, i also work for Postmates from time to time. If I linked people could get bonus actual money for doing a set number while giving me real money. If I went to a forum where people hated their job and I started giving my referral link . There is mutual benefit, but I score the significantly larger one based off of how many benefit off of me. It’s likely unintentional ; but this way of advertising is often used by con artists.
I get it though, scopely sucks. Make a few posts about pretending you care, for the next sales pitch. I’d just sooner stop mobile gaming altogether. Even that raid game has a very large amount of rng in it’s system.

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Yeah unfortunately a lot of f2p mobile games if not all have RNG. Few like Blades and RTS are really bad with it others less so like this one game Fury Survivor. I mean if one can handle PC gaming expenses, its better to stick to to it, with companies like CD project red and Obsidian these folks provide good gaming experiences. RTS was the first mobile game which i played seriously, good game buried by a not so good and greedy developer. I am broke as f#ck right now and have no modern PC, otherwise PC gaming all the way. :laughing:

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I’ve seen worse. The one that really made me frustrated was dbz dokkan. Premiere characters could take hundreds of pulls, and can’t have full power unless you pull 5 of them. In spent two years hoarding their event premium once, and still didn’t pull a solid premiere.

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it is funny to me but also very sad for you that all your forum account posts are just attacking mostly me so i am sorry for hurting you so much that you have a strange obsession now

sorry i just asked what link i am not sure how that was seen as me being rude to the original poster


Yeah long time players can’t compete unless you spend in anything now, just sucks

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Considering they put this in the key roadmap… I agree

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