Over maxed player level xp


Can we get the xp we earn after maximum player level converted into something. Coins would be a great idea, like 100k xp = 1 coin


They’d never give you coins dude lol
Better to ask for something that’s feasible , like depot tokens or materials


I said “something” and used coins as an example since it would be the least likely outcome but best for players.


100xp = 1 5* token


Or just bank it until they up from 150 to 200 so we continue to get credit for the grind. It’s stupid to have it overflow and waste.

While they are at it… Why not be transparent and show the exact numbers (1,652,806 of 2,600,000) that way we will know the exact amount left to the next level instead of the insane %… Who was the moron to devise that nonsense? You’ve gotta do the math to get the %… Just show the math for crying out loud.
I get you don’t have the room on the town screen but you can find room in the toon card


Yes I hate earning xp now and it just goes to waste or set level up to infinity


How about 1 xp = 1 wood

Who can’t use more wood to convert into grenades every few hours?


Grenades I prefers mod scraps


Sandpaper, is certain

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