Over A month Now With 0$

As stated in the title, its been over a month since i last spent on this game. I dam feel even greater after seeing that article. I have never in my life regret anything ive done even the bad/foolish things. I seriously regret spending here not for the money lost, but cause i fed a deceiving and manipulative system

Im still playing btw, being FTP and having scopely work for free to my end makes me smile :wink:

To any newcomer that sees this, RUN AWAY!
To anyone still spending, i hope one day u can do what i did.
To Scopely, nicely done but i sure hope u pay for it.


My spending has extremely dipped too, I think I had a spike during pathways but after that it’s been completely dead.

Due to PU I had stopped all spending aside from Survivors Club. Now I will be stopping that and never spend again. That article made that a very easy reality. On the fence as to whether to completely walk away or not (but that’s the addiction talking).

I keep getting that itchy feeling specially to subscribe to SC, everytime i feel like doing it i come to this forum and feed from people exposing them lol.

Yeah don’t do it, no idea why I hung onto it for so long in the 1st place.

Congrats! Id give you a sobriety chip if I could haha and I absolutely agree. it feels great to be free and not feel like you’re obligated to play because you have spent. I can walk away at any time and feel free to now unlike how I felt before, but I remain to play because of the friendships that I have made. What has happened with this recent interview has made me feel just that much better about my decision.

2 months without spending on RTS and counting :smiley:

All I spend on is the odd 0.99 offer here and there.

I feel sorry for anyone who believes Raulito truly ‘got heat’ and blew £600 on a non-guaranteed chance at an S-Class

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I’ve not spent a penny on RTS since S Class was launched.

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