Over 500 5 stars, unusable


Scopely, why are there still over 500+ 5 stars still not ascendable, and yet you are still making new characters that have original unusable forms. The new Davie along with countless others are a slap in the face to the people that have been playing for 3 years!


Scopely answer be like
We don’t give a f*** , if you want new toons use your credit card "and we will give you a 1℅ chance to get a legendary toon probably you don’t need him "


There are over 500 toons? Do you know the exact count


can you list them all please


Because, money


There are over 176, but there’s a lot more than that because Ascendables are virtually 5 stars.


Always check your data, the number is just shy of 300 and no reason to give troll like typists a chance to dismiss your point - which is a good one.



I’ve heard rumours of them slowing the rate down even further.

Seems ages since Kenny…the ones in future will take even longer…

Sucks and does make all previous effort and money spent worthless.
Also makes future money spent even more risky to spend…
With no buffs to existing 6*s, power creep and a serious lack of ascensions.

Robs Ascendance Rumors

The last ascendable toon was Kenny 12 promos and new 6 * Toons have been released since him that’s why it seems like ages cuz it has been.


There is no money in existing toons…
There is no money in existing toons…
There is no money in existing toons…


this is a lie


I see that things are owed to you. You must be really frustrated.


it’s true to a point they won’t make as much money off old toons but game will be dead guessing soon and they still released Hunter and Kenny in stashes I’m sure people bought those.


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