Outlast revive toon


Make an outlast toon with a revive AR that can revive itself while outlast is active… ik ik people are going to say that’s too OP and whales blah blah blah. But outlast is a shitty skill that needs more attention


…um… how about no


Lmao. Outlast was never shitty. Yeah no. That would definitely be broken.


It is shitty though… it’s on one toon


You aren’t baiting me. It forces you to stun-lock or impair jeremiah, otherwise he pops guaranteed. Thus risking you to get stunned by him holding a stun gun.


By the way, why would you give something thats shitty more attention if it aint gonna make scopely money? I’m not gonna get any value from this thread :joy:


You just said that would be broken… and no you just target jeri last… he isnt a threat


Pls dont.It will be so OP.


It would be meh he can still be stunned decaped impair taunted confused while he has Outlast so unless u don’t do any of that it’s nothing special especially if all he does is revive himself sounds like a shit ar even without Outlast


Putting this somewhere near the top of my “worst ideas I’ve read on this forum” list.


There only two toons how have it 4* negan and Jeremiah the 6* not sure on the five star. Also that would be to OP even though on defence they don’t always use there active skill. Also depends on how many times you can use it and how long it takes to get the active skill.


Outlast isn’t bad. It’s the toon itself that poses very little threat. His rush: -70% def to my teammates, +70% to his? Guess ima cry myself to sleep tonight.


I love this idea bud wish their was more people trying to make Suggestions like this, but i can see where everyone else is coming from it would be kinda broken considering most toons pop off with outlast and if they had a stun gun it would be OP af but i love that fact your trying to make ideas like this make a negative into a positive, and its hard to make Suggestions without having a toon of people raining down on you with hate.

Keep up the work bud. :blush:




To weak u need him to hit 2 targets with %600 damage and boost attack by %75 for 12 turns This is more scopely’s style also make him wearing hippy clothes with underwears over the pants and snot dripping from his nose. You can buy him or Priya for $800usd randomly with a chance at a single grenade.


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