Outlast AR thread

Jeremiah - just because he’s killed, doesn’t mean his AR should fire
Mia - same

Why often when you kill some one, why does their AR line fill all the way?

Outlast …

Outlast is a special skill that alows them to rush after they die

that are there skill

As above Outlast is part of the toons setup🤗

A bit of light reading never killed anyone

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you gotta kill them while under debuff on them. such as impair, stun. That way, they wont fire their ar.


Did they add the 100% AR along the way?

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Yeah, it’s a relatively recent change to make outlast a bit better

You’d think mia was the main recipient

Probably, but it does make jermiah pretty strong to because 70% def down is a whole lot to deal with if you kill him without controlling him

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Yes only reason to have that bozoo jeremiah

Not at all. I use him on attack with Dr Stevens, Zander and Priya and the def down makes short work of Pete teams.

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Jeremiah was really good the time he came out
Nowadays he is too slow/ weak to be relevant

That’s wrong right there. He doesnt need attack so you can buff his defense quite a bit and with outlast if they outright kill him with no control, i.e. taunt, confuse, etc. They’re eating a 70% def down. That’s a whole lot. And if hes behind some S Class backup then that’s it.

Damage defs get oneshot round 2, so his -70% dont do a shit. Diego needs no attack either and comes with impair aswell. Dont get me wrong, I loved him when he was new but he is clearly outdated.

When did I say anything about using jermiah on defense? I’m well aware that damage defenses are going the way of the dodo with S Class. But attacking is much easier than defending

Six months ago…


That ‘may’ screams of randomness…Should be Outlasts will rush/take action. But they always rush when not bamboozled.
Think the ‘may’ is there to imply stun taunt etc.

Well I forgot when it came out. I just remembered that it was sometime this year