Outdated persona toons



So it’s been some time now that 5* characters are useless, and the new legendary toons are the main focus. So that means persona trainers are also useless. How about at least beefing up the xp that persona trainers give when using them on a 6* toon that matched the persona before ascending. For example Garrett when he was a 5* was a citizen persona. When he is ascended you still need citizen gear to a point to level him up. So why not allow for the citizen persona trainers to level his xp up a bit more even when he’s a legendary toon… Caitlin still only gives 1500 xp to him, and 1500 xp to every other ascended toon… Why not make it 2000 xp to the former citizen persona toons…


why? because scopely have no intrest in it


will it make any difference.?? why not totaly remove them from the game now


I’m happy when I see them

That’s a lotta depot points


Or add 6 star trainers


How about you try starting a fresh account at level 1 and re-evaluate your claim that 5 stars are useless?

The game isn’t just the top 3 factions war teams.

There are plenty of other times and places that 5 stars are useful.


I’ll add this to my #QoL list. Thanks!


What’s that?



Have you seen my thread posted recently about some changes?


I’ve seen this one I wish scopley was a game dev company .


Yes idk if it relates but yeah that one


Thank you for your input! I’m passing through the suggestions in that post as well and will be adding them to the list.


There not going to do anything with them remove 1* weapons if anything


why not make them ascendable into a lilith or aden? id gladly trade 6-8 of these for a lilith or aden


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