Out of hiding and Posting Suggestions


I have been reading the forums for months. I decided to finally join and post.

  1. I think Kalishane has been way more active and engaged on the forums than anyone before her. I would like to see even more posts from her. (Hated the new forum… but it is growing on me)

  2. I go to VK to check for future events so that I can plan. It is the only reason I go there. I think it is a very smart idea for Kalishane to post a calendar to keep people away from VK. I mean, why send your paying customers to someone that steals your money. I like the new calendar in the forums. I hope it starts to look 2 weeks out. While I may know on Monday what is happening the rest of the week, I don’t know today what is happening on Monday. I can’t plan. I don’t even care if it is wrong on (rare) occasions. It is still better. I hope that rewards start to be posted. I think that LiveOps should have their own account on the Forums so that they can update the calendar as needed.


Welcome into the light, Ahbah! I was also like you and preferred to lurk in the shadows, so I understand that it could be daunting to take the first step, lol. Not all of us in here bite though and we certainly welcome fresh voices. :slight_smile:

I think you’ve raised some very valid points and I quite agree with you. I also do like the suggestion of having a rep from LiveOps update any last-minute changes to events and such, which could be very helpful especially if these changes happen outside of @kalishane ’s working hours or whatnot since to my understanding, LiveOps work until late at night sometimes. We’ll have to wait and see if this is something that Scopely can implement in the future, it would certainly help keep the Event Calendar up-to-date.

Welcome again, and I hope you’ll find a comfortable home here with the rest of us. :slight_smile:


For the uninitiated, what the hell is VK?


To my understanding, it is a community site not unlike Facebook with different groups in it. If I’m not mistaken, one particular group datamines in order to get leaks for new toons releases, weapons etc.



Thank you for the clarification, @BabYagun :slight_smile:


Vk is a Russian Facebook. There is a group that posts about the game. While it had been very useful. They r also hackers that sell cheats. They sell any toon weapon or gold u want. Much cheaper than scopely. Recently scopely has been cracking down on cheaters. However. The best thing they can do is take away their power. Be more proactive and ahead of vk with the information. Then no one will go to vk. If your not on their site. U won’t be tempted.

Now that u know vk has more and better info. U might be tempted to go find it as I was. I just hope that this new forum can provide the info that I was looking for and make vk irrelevant.


I will add. That while the calendar is a step in the right direction. I still go to vk to see rewards ahead of the tourney. The rewards change my planning. I might want to push harder or not try at all. Liveips could use old photos. Doesn’t have to be from the actual event. The rewards have all been in the game before.

If I knew the milestone was let’s say Carl. I would have really stocked my training grounds w food. Knowing that I’m not trying. I just build replenishes.