Out of gear from that new gear road map

How we can form for in new type of gear map, lot of energy required for complete daily gear map, but not farm , I m out of gear, 1st time that happened with me from more than last 2 year, when I play TWD RTS,

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So it is working as they planned! They do very little player first in the game or any game they are attached to.


1st time ever from start of game I m out of gear now, not upgrade own characters thats irritated me

Its highly frustrating and no one from scopely seems able the answer the question.

Not to keep repeating the point, but a 1:1 ratio of school bags/radios : googles/shields etc does not work

Its been made worse recently by the glut of Hunter toons, i’m all out of night vision goggles and no real hope of restocking…

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Keep surviving!