Out of everyone in this game why did you pick garrett?

For christ sakes the man is absolute garbage and i have him already. You guys usually have some good stuff in the non league ascendable slot. It genuinely makes me mad and his lead is not that great for f2p who only gets heavy hitting toons and not enough defending toons. Most of my range are damage dealers so his lead is trash and my yellows are also damage dealers to the point were garrett loses his worth. You could have put a new threat governor or some other old toon and it would have been better than garret just why scopes.

You say they don’t get defending toons while he is in fact, a defending toon.


Whoever they put in that slot wouldn’t have been usable by everyone; I’m sure there are people who are happy to get Garrett.

That said, he’s not bad for a F2P or mild spender’s defense. A mild spender could use Shield Andrea behind him, and use newly ascendable Eric along with guardian Zeke for a decent defense.


Okay, Scopely should replace him with Winter Richard or Red Rick


Yeah but you forgot that the entire game needs to cater to OP’s specific needs, so that should trump any reasoned suggestions like you have made


Garrett teams are usually weak sauce, but I’d be lying if I said that Garrett’s leader skill isn’t enticing, sure, he’s not the best toon ever, and he won’t synergize with all of the freemium green taunts, but he’s fine nonetheless. He’s definitely better when backed by premium toons compared to how useful he is with available freemium toons though.

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And here I thought a new leak for a disarm or decap toon was what this was and he hates that it’s in the form of a garret.

What a let down.

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Garrett has a lot of value with his taunt. Just because you have him doesn’t mean he’s a bad addition. I mean really.


What will be my defense when I craft some weapons. Garrett, 2 Eric’s, McKenzie, shield Jesus. Garrett does have some use

my point is there are barley any f2p defence toons. All the ones we get are damage dealers. So the lead for garret does fuck all for anything.

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Garretts great.

I already have him and I rate him.

Yeah, they should have added Lydia or Erika instead of Garrett.

Garrett is trash and anyone who uses him is trash and should stick to Farmville instead of being a noob here.


Tough F2P
All out war Maggie

Guardian Zeke
Yellow Negan
Yellow Maggie

probably missing more

This is a Garret hate thread, only post hate for Garret and anyone who uses him. Please don’t be a peasant not replying with hate :slightly_smiling_face:

I like him. Use to have a governor def better tho.

Yellow barker, Joshua, and Connor and gator

Doesnt seem to hard, then again I have teams that do lots of damage.

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