Out of all the bags from war I got 3x3 same thing


3 bags with military watches in
3 bags with Ulysses in.
I don’t need Watches I have 5 and no radios and I got 3 watches. I need Lilith more than I need Ulysses. I’m not the only one who got same things in each bag. This is some Bullshit right here


Got the exact same!


Scopely’s reply to this would be that you need to pray to RNGesus harder.


2 radio, and a watch, 2 Ulysses and 1 Lilith. played out perfectly. I had 0 radios and 3 watches so I was afraid for 3 watches there.

looks like I prayed to the right RNGesus


Similar - got 3 radios and 3 Ulysses.

Now I have 8 radios and just one watch!!!


Same, bags were exactly the same. Typical Scopely RNG


3 radios and ofc I need watches.
2 Ulysses, 1 Lillith


Got 3 radios. Which was perfect for me. Have always had more watches. 2 Ulysses 1 Lilith. Which is fine.


I got three Ulysses and three radios. I was happy about the trainers, not so much about the radios. “RNG” though


said in my video if i end up with 3 watches, i wont be happy!
*pulls 3 watches
RNG my fkin ass!


I pray to Lady Luck instead and she is good to me.