Out of 2* like for a while. Not enough to ascend 5*

I don’t know if it’s just me, or is everyone like me. I got like 30+ 5* ascendables and I just don’t have fodder to level them up. I do farm everyday, use every free energy. I’m on a top2 faction on my region and I just can’t level them up. Can we get more drops from world map regularly @JB.Scopely?

Use the training grounds


Just level up the one’s you will actually use, I think that’s what most do. Even though I have 5 red Richard doesn’t mean I have to level them all up.

I think everyone who transfers loses their training grounds and has to rebuild so no, it’s just you. Blow some cans when the shirt and glove map pops up and spend a few league coins to buy even more from the shop. Then do the minimum in a few solos while you rebuild. Minimum being just grab the testubes.

I have transferred and did not lose the 2*. Only choice I have Is to skip level ups

Do you allow your training grounds to expire? Most veterans just keep 2-4 training grounds running constantly. Burn a bunch of world cans and increase the training timer to around 4-5 days and then just keep feeding them to not the timer run out. I have about 8,000 in 3 of my 4 training grounds.


Perhaps you are among the people who haven’t figured out you should concentrate on stacking only training 1-4 and split your gloves and shirts up. Ascended characters don’t have a persona so producing matching ones is irrelevant now. Spend a little more food and save alot of gear.


I think you’re just not managing your resources well. I probably have like 17k 2* in my training grounds so it’s not an issue for me at all. Tips:

  • Buy the shirt/glove offer, totally worth it so you don’t have to grind for those anymore.
  • Train 2* using 1 or 2 TG’s. More will be unmanageable. Just use general personas and not the specific ones since the general ones just needs a shirt or glove.
  • Don’t let your training ground timer run out. Yell at faction mates who take the territories that speed up training ground timers.
  • Don’t participate in every single level up. The recent ones you probably want to to get the medals and you probably won’t be able to skip faction tourneys, but when there is a level up with no special prize, consider skipping it.
  • Score modestly when you can in level ups. If you’re going for the 11-50 prize bracket, maybe just aim for placing in the 40’s and not the 20’s.
  • Farm 25-8 for survivors. Drop some world cans and use your tokens if you want to speed it up.

Wisdom ^


Keep TG’s going, don’t let it stop. Progress in TG continues even with transfers. Get your faction to help take survivor terrys (Fortified/Hospital). Drop a few cans when they do to keep the TG’s going.


I’d suggest maybe starting 1 tg in 1 of first for slots. Get that up to at least 24 hours timer. Every time you farm grab the Terrys as suggested above. Once you have one tg going start your 2nd ( if 1st used gloves choose the one with shirts ) medical is obviously only pk and leaders so depending on your roster you may want to go with the other shirt option. When you sign off at night if you know its going to be at least 12 hours til next sign on then make sure both tg are at least 14hours to give yourself extra time. I typically pick Saturday (xp day) and pop cans when we have certain terrs and really stock up the 2 tg. As also mentioned the 70coin offer for shirts and gloves saves having you farm for them as often and totally worth it. I typically have both tg at 2days in case something happens. Once you’ve done this a while you basically have endless 2* cooking and ready. And as mentioned most important DO NOT take the speedup terrs. This could possibly screw someone not online who has theirs running. Once they stop takes awhile to clear and restart. I just lost one a month ago after it running for 6+months was pretty devastating.

I pretty much follow all those advices but I do participate in every level up. Why wouldn’t I? I want to play in every event. Constantly getting top10-50-100. And i do that because i have so many unleveled characters and I need to level them up :/.

Why do you need to level them all up? The game comes down to a team of 5v5. You don’t need to get top 100 in every event. Get some perspective.


Because you run out of resources.


Point is, at this rate my rooster will be flooded with unleveld 5* ascendable characters.

Not all need to be acended though.

What to do with the 5* ascendable using all the rooster space then?

Use them as fodder or sell them in depot.

Most use shit 6s for level up pts just like 5s back in the day

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Well, if you don’t want to change what you’re doing but still want to solve your problem, maybe keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully things will magically fix itself.