Ounslaught matchmaking: the nightmare

So, we are a top fac on wave 3 and we are getting a reaaaaally hard time against those whale facs with 15-20 mercer teams.
Why are we competing against that ? Why ounslaught doesnt work as war and you get rivals that you can, at least, compete with ?
Just awful

There you have your answer.

You fight against whoever is also in your league


from wave 3 lol yet we fight facs with WOC level

It’s faction league based, not wave based

What faction league are you in?

Diamond II :confused: but some heavy facs on here thanks for the explanation

I’m in wave three and Diamond 3, and yeha there’s some heavy factions here too haha

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Better get used to all the Mercer teams.
I’m enjoying the practice and not enjoying the BS RNG lol

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