Other types of gear road maps?!

Where are the new gear road maps that kalishane told us about . The current version of a gear road map is probably the worst thing I’ve seen in this game.@kalishane


What your seeing is the new gear map

Oh come on now, surely they don’t make the podium for “worst”!

Agree this map is great for my lvl 120 team region my lvl 53 region is short of 15 night scopes can barley complete the map either on natural energy,

If this map is here to stay make stages farmable and have all 3 act s open from the start

She said several new gear road maps not 1

Do you have a screenshot? Did she say they were trying to have multiple gear maps or forsure there will be multiple?

While I do not have the original post here is a screen shot someone else posted

“Most likely” clearly turned into not likely