Orangeburg thanks you


@kalishane it looks like 20% of the top 100 in the solo level up have just been banned, thank you!!!

Cheating has been ruining the game play in this region and has stopped me from spending any money at all, so I am happy to see action being taken against cheaters!


I’m just curious but what did they do?




surely they used codes to charge more times the rewards of museum but they forgot some eggs alone they give them in events (bloodys)


Seems like there has been some cleanup. I wonder how many other regions have had these improvements


1 banned in Darlington but the 2 or 3 “super” hackers haven’t been banned. Yet.


Loaded their accounts with full rosters of six stars and tier 4 legendary gear… all while being prestige level 7 (in one case) in a region less than 2 months old…


SS of leaderboard please?



I will share with the team. :slight_smile:
Thank you for the kind shoutout VishevyiSad.


Are they going to be removed so the proper individuals can win?


Great that they are removed but I hope everyone else still doesnt get stiffed on the rewards