Orange quill map. ? Rm

Anybody know times for these maps I think 11pm eastern is 1

Do you mean red quill roadmap? They are random I believe.

Letters and Orange Quills collected will only count for the active segment. This means that if you collect the letter “A” and 1x Orange Quill in Segment 1, your progress will not carry over to Segment 2 or 3. If you need another “A” in Segment 2 or 3, you will need to collect another during that segment.

  • Red Quills will persist across segments. So if you have extra from the first segment, you can continue to use them throughout the remaining segments
    • The last Red Quill roadmap will end at 10 PM with the event. Only 1 Premium Roadmap will be running for the last 12 hours of the event; if you have excess Red Quills, you will need to use them before this roadmap expires.

Red Quill roadmaps will appear at random intervals with varying durations. Please do not be alarmed if a Red Quill roadmap is not currently active or available. Completing these roadmaps will provide the letter reflected in the Roadmap title.

People always have to spill the beans.

He was talking about the premium roadmap that only appears from time to time, Chris. :sweat_smile:

Yes only premium orange map

Not these

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@Marlboro Both Orange and Red Quill roadmaps will appear at random intervals.


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And for random people, depends on your bucket…

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