Option to turn off extra animations in battle


With the new content out I have noticed a few things building over time which concern me.

First is the shields and extra animation cause lag on a device. As a result often attacking a random target instead of the intended.

For example if I attack a single character and hit them 4 times. They die but there is a delay and use my 5th to attack something else randomly.

Allow users to turn off these new animations to speed up attacks and lower lag while raiding and attacking.

All these new skills and weapons means raiding has become highly tactics based and missing an attack could mean loosing a match.


Have to draw a line some where though. Can’t just removal all animations.

Limiting the raiding means less likely to mess up which right now happens a lot. I think war lag is a massive problem as well.

My internet connection does not seem to improve anything nor does using a better device.