Option to get past 6* Season League Toons


Green mirabelle > abe


Green Mirabelle for her leader skill


This would make collectors cry.


Funny guy you are


They already pretty much do this, at the end of the season you have to wait a week for next season’s toons.

F that, if you don’t buy them then you snooze you lose.



Just like Ron, I think a bunch of you are confused about the actual meaning of the word.

I love all the talk about the need for diversity and how dare they reintroduce near useless league toons for people who missed out on one yet every single whale uses the exact same attack and defense setup just about. Similar to how almost every single f2p uses Solange on their melee defense. Revive this. :rofl:


Nik is good ur smoking some laced shit or something my guy :man_shrugging:


One of each of course


Ahhh, get you now. Then it’s a good idea and not a torturous one lol


Doubt, once Maggie comes out no one’s gonna use his maiming ass lol


Hmm probably so… just saying the toughest defs ive faced have had him in it


Bring them back for a limited time 24 hours after the end of each stretch.


Buuuut she’s not out, and he’s the best defensive command available, so yeeeeah… like I said you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Someone who rocked 700k last CRW uses Shawn on attack but you say he’s trash.


If you’re not able to get Shawn to work then you’re doing something wrong. Shawn is definitely effective. Love using him.


I predict that everyone above 500k individual score last CRW was using Shawn in some capacity…


No thank you. next


Probably knowing me lol


fixed it :point_up_2:

Anyone with over 200K didnt use shawn, its laughable if you think that.


Laugh away, I used Shawn and scored 280k.


pfft 280k? where you too busy for war?
You could crack 300K like me and a few others in my faction if you got rid of shawn and added better toons