Option to get past 6* Season League Toons

At the end of each season stretch, give players the option to purchase all past season league toons again for a limited time before the new season begins.

That way players who just started playing more recently have a chance to buy them for their Collections.

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Full 6* Mirabelle team… yes please.


Let’s not go backwards only opens Flood gates for same toons over and over


What’s the point of limited edition toons then?


Make a wheel where you have to spend the Season tokens to pull from.
The catch? All the 5*s are thrown in there as well along with a 95% chance to net them. :wink:

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Have any of the league toons made a huge difference on your attack or defense teams. I have only purchased Zeke and I don’t use him. I see the league toons on a few defense teams but I haven’t seen where they make a big difference.

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I like that idea!!

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If that’s the case then why are we seeing past login toons in wheels


Personally not one. The only one I haven’t bought was Mirabelle. I see Zeke a lot and he isn’t a threat on defense. Tara is an attack toon that I could never find use for, wouldn’t remove anyone for her. Sandy was a let down, on defense she wastes revive just to taunt. I only just started leveling Nik so I’m not sure yet how to use him and Shawn takes a certain set up to work best.

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Same bought them but don’t use them, couldn’t get Shawn to work so benched him that’s it

Zeke season 1 is just bargain bin Erika. But he can be good with the right set up.

But that goes for just about every other character.


Simple, “Collections”

Past season league toons are decent but most are not great and would not even do well in today’s meta anymore.

There are some who just likes to collect shiny characters just to have a collection. I have so much supply depot I end up buying 5* characters which are worthless in today’s meta just cause I don’t have them.


Zeke was donezo in every way when Donny released
Mirabelle actually seems decent, but green Abe is probably slightly better for f2p
Tara I actually use a lot and think she’s pretty great, but to each their own
I knew Sandy would be meh from the start, but everyone had a hard on for her, she’s ok on attack I guess
Shawn isn’t gonna be good for f2p until a f2p 40% attack huge ap releases for green and even then decap Alpha exists
Nik is just a terrible toon with command, who is probably about to be replaced by life and death Maggie becoming a 6* (who I am very excited for)

So in summary the ones I think are still usable now are Mirabelle and Tara

Out of their prime/trash are Zeke, Sandy, and Nik

Usable in time is just Shawn

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You gotta love those yoga pants.


Depend how you use them. I’ve got rainbow Sandy team that’s been doing real good by FTP standards.

They will be in the new wheels when more gen 2 comes out.

For real?

I ain’t exactly FTP :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Collections. Have them cost 5x their original purple league tokens and you can only get 1.

Edit: 1 of each I meant.

You have no idea what you’re talking about, saw a lot of top defenses using Nik and it’s very easy to use Shawn you just need to be creative, he can smoke Lydia defenses with right set up.