Option to buy gold with btc


Just do it.

If you did I would probably use a bitcoin and buy 6 grands worth of gold coins as technically that bitcoin I got free from a competition. I would stock up on thousands of raid fills for leagues. Come on scopely just do it.


Just sell the bitcoin? idk how it all works


google play store and apple app store dont support btc




Yeah a lot of countries don’t even recognise it as a valid currency. So it absolutely makes no sense


By a lot, you mean every country except Cyprus :stuck_out_tongue:


Weird flex but ok


They don’t recognise it because it’s a decentralised currency. Bank’s can’t control it. Government’s hate it due to how volatile it is. Who said scopely need to use Google anyway, they could implement their own platform where it automatically accepts different crypto coins.


it will require extra money and people to manage it and scopely doing it for free using google and they can track every user which isnt possible using btc


as long as someone’s willing to pay for them, there’s value. Gotta find that person, tho.
Cause apply/google get paid in cash.


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