Option on off Rush


Okay here’s another one for testing purposes only I would like each character to have an option to be able to use their rush or not. Or maybe just the point of using a character that you wouldn’t normally use them because of the rush and you don’t want them to issue it during battle cuz it’ll only do you more harm than good


For zombie stages this would be great. I’ve seen it brought up before but i dont remember by who or when.


By everyone, a lot of times…


That’s all the forum is… People bringing up the same shit over and over and not much ever changing.


LOL!!! That one actually got a true laugh out of me


I think combatman made a post saying it was logged as an enhancement. It was in a thread about 3x speed


I think i suggested this somewhere in the old forum… But instead of actually creating an option to remove animations and/or rushes and/or the cutscenes between stages, they give us a button one year later to speed up the game clock 1x/2x/3x.




You are right on the request there probably hasn’t been anything that hasn’t already been mentioned. I guess in a way it’s like a bump