Opponent search in raids

I have no idea if anybody asked or complained about this matter… But within my faction most agree that searching the same 10 even less opponents over and over really sucks… All it does is eat away on your food… And no way to rank up or win at least a couple of battles if the one’s that pop up over and over are unbeatable… Surely there’s more than 10 players at the same level to search for!..


Yeah, more variety in the opponent pool for raids would be appreciated.

The same one appearing when you research too. Or my favourite - a bot with an identical team but a different name.

Leagues won’t help either because that is certainly not like for like any more.

How about multi-regions raiding? Like crw but for raids. That could be fun.

This is why i rarely raid. Same teams over and over on a loop. Now and again a different one pops up. Im ranked about 400 but keep matching with top 50 teams.

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I think that you can beat most teams with a little thought and strategy (excluding mega whale teams full of sclass ) I have only bought sur club for two months as well as a couple 2 dollar offers and I can beat some very high up teams so in summery most teams aren’t unbeatable


Do revenge raids in faction

Tbf, even when warring last war it’s 80% the same Pete-Kapoor-Christa +2 other team, despite being different opponents. I can beat those teams every time, but it’s just so boring.

So even with a change right now, you’d get a variety of opponents, but not a variety of teams.

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That’s about the only way to build reputation, problem sits when your facing demotion on raid’s tournament and there’s not enough revenges to climb rank…

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