Opinions on this rhetorical team

This is the 6⭐ team I want to run sometime in the future, given that most of the teams I fight have multiple disruptive toons. Plus Eric will be the only legendary with revive. Any changes I should make? Should my weapon base stats have additional defense or attack? Some optional teammates include Ty (still 5⭐), Glenn, Siddiq, Wyatt, and Kal.

I can beat that team in a snap lol

Lol you are just begging to get roasted

For offense or defense? For offense, SR Zeke would be better than Aaron. I don’t know what your roster is like but against revive/tank teams, you’ll have a hard time and have to rely on the crowd control effects.

Defense mostly. But also something a little better than what I have now.

@Veni This game has never gave me any promo toons and any event that involves them in a “”“free”"" wheel has given me garbage. In addition to taking severe time off from this game, I find myself further behind the competition than ever. I can only rely on what I have and they’re the C-Team at best.

tl;dr, I bet you could beat that team. Literally everyone in my region will smack that team to five weeks into the future then smack them into the past five weeks later.

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That’s an interesting looking team. If things don’t go quick enough, try Command Siddiq to help the disruptions go off more early. He’s seems a little more balanced when used offensively.

Defensive wise Command Glenn could work better since his confusion bypasses guardian shield buffs and gives an gives nice buffs to team.

Edit: Replace Aaron with one of those 2 commands is what i meant


It’s not good because it does not have Aiko.

I do recommend putting Tough Siddiq in place of Sawyer though

Aiko is not too good for def

I bet u have Solange and Wyatt? They’ll hold up more than Lee and aaron

Take out Aaron and put in Glenn. Kal or Wyatt would probably be better than Sawyer.

Unfortunately, no. The time I quit before my 4 month hiatus, I came back a few days too late for that event so I would’ve come up short.

So this is the team everyone’s agreeing on? I’m crafting stun for Shiva, Eric will have a Impair/attacked gun, Siddiq will have Impair/attacking, and Glenn will have a AP drain weapon. Good right?

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