Opinions on the New Andrea

I think she’ll be pretty good i guess

One word… she sucks!!!

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Lmao i like her human shield ability that’s probably the only reason i like her

she is not bad for character you will spend months of farming gear for her xD still better than Ajax and Koa

she is good, the key is how do u level her and with wat gear

Fast characters I’m not that big a fan of.
F2P toons like Shiva will eat her up.

Haven’t gotten her yet. I’ll get back to you on that haha.

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How is that even one word? :joy::joy::sweat_smile:

I think she is above average, but not the best (but at the same time, actions speak)

I’m using my $24.99 a month to buy animals in need quilts and food and much needed medical supplies. Use your noggin and do not subscribe to this club it’s just anither pathetic attempt of boosting profit margins for 2018. If this game tanks profits and gives scopely problems I guarantee 2019 will be the year for this game to be skeleton crewed.

And Andrea is horrible far as shields go. Avoid at all costs.

Taunt, confuse, defense up, double attack, yellow shield which means abs zero, shield, rainbow leader… This is the 6* equivalent to Priya… Game changer…

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Make an all Blue Andrea Team with her as the shield like in the 5 star times.:grinning:

I wouldn’t run her as lead, but behind a Carl lead she will be good. Mod her to about 2900 def and 2000 hp w ab def and she’ll be a pain in the ass.

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