Opinions on the 6* stat boost?


I personally enjoy it! Being able to one-shot people I’ve never been able to touch easily is sweet. Priya simply melts…yellow Michonne is a cakewalk…I love it. I don’t spend much on this game, so it was always hard for me to compete with top teams. But when I ascended, I was floored at the immediate change. Then region war came again last week and I was baffled at my ability to now take on teams I never could’ve in the past. It was a nice change for me and it actually made me enjoy the game again.

  1. Who loves it? Why?
  2. Who doesn’t like it? Why?


Great, until those teams you melted, fully upgrade and then it’s back to sad singing and flower bringing


Thank you for your reply. What parts of your roster are now redundant? The duplicate 4-5*s? Or just being unable to actually effectively use a character?

As for the P12/P13s, I would love to hear from them, too. I wonder if it’s a love/hate thing or mostly rage…


Hah! I just thought of Carol with her flower love in the show…“look at the flowers.” Yeah, I imagine a world of pain is still coming. For the meantime, I’m having fun again. Hope you are!


The worst part about it is the lack of variety - there are such a small number of 6* that all teams are similar. I Know people that have ascended 4 shivas because of the lack of variety available outside of premier recruits. I would love to see 3 past 5*s made ascendable each week in addition to the 1 new premier…


You want opinions there all in this thread along with a poll


What do you currently use? I fall into the boat you’re talking about as I lead with a Mirabelle team and just recently included a Carl into my roster (I really held back on ascending him, because neutralize Carl is AWESOME), but when I obtained a second one, I made the decision. Still haven’t made a Carl team, but I see what you’re getting at.

Mirabelle/Ty and Carl/Shiva/Zeke teams are running rampant.

Do you use any 6*s that break from the lack of variety?


Thanks for posting the link https://forum.scopely.com/showthread.php?21240-Did-6*-need-the-stat-buff-in-your-opinion. I didn’t know there was a poll already! This is good.

I figured since those forums were dead, there may be a continued discussion here, given that not everyone has moved over. I’d say the most dedicated have moved over. I could be wrong, but that’s my impression. I hope these forums continue to grow, I love our community.