Opinions on New Alpha, Beta, and Elodie

I need opinions because they all look pretty bad. They are all basically reskins of older characters


This isn’t a situation that you get to choose which toon you want im afraid, in fact youre quite likely to get yourself a 4*


Yep lol i just renamed it lol

Beta is the best out of all of them, I think Alpha would have been better suited as a shield so you’re forced to attack her first and set her weapon off. Elodie is just plain average unfortunately.


All 3 op on def. If you understand how to put a decent team at least.


all is op chr and its new way to jus give ptp special chr which make them feel they aren’t in same level with ftp

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Meh…probably be able to buy them later or sum lug nut/tires event in the future.

Beta seems ok.

Wouldn’t spend a single penny for any of them. Why when Alice and Dale are out there.

Terrible odds increased cost. Hard Pass.

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Alpha = sacrificial lamb

Elodie = waste

Beta = very interesting


what do you mean ? I think Elodie at least looks pretty cool. Beta looks like a pyschopath and Alpha looks like idk


Beta can be pretty good with the right mods.

Agreed, if i could choose one it would be beta. Not gonna spend on it tho and any free pulls will be 4 stars I’m sure.

In my case, my opinión its “miracles are real”


You are whats wrong with the game :hugs:

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Why? Idc

If you dont care, why ask why? :man_facepalming:

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Beta definitely seems decent. I wouldn’t say Elodie is a waste though. For lower tiered players she could be quite handy.

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