Opinions on fixing OutSlaught

Is there any chance of fixing this? Or no scratch this event?

Remove it A. S. A. P.

I am sensing a lack of consistent intent on the part of Scopely. Wars have been shortened (and disastrously divided) because they were “too long and required too much effort.” But here they give us a multiday event that requires all faction members to be active for the entire length of the event.

At least with war 8 (or 6) active members can give the rest of the faction a break. You can recruit aussie/kiwi/Asian teams to carry the overnight US shift. All that is lost with Onslaught.


I mean this also is the first launch of this as well. Maybe (hopefully) there will be updates on length of matches, prizes and energy…if they make it worthwhile, could be alright. As of now its another boring way to do nothing more than collect trophies


I think it’s a real deal breaker when you face those teams that are unbeatable. When a paid team is up that noone in your faction can beat, what’s the point? People lose interest fast. I’m timing out more than I win, and the effort for these Crap prizes don’t make me care. Even with good prizes, it’s tedious and whales have one more thing to dominate leaving ftp in the dust.

I say scrap it.

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