Opinion about Defense Team



With these toons and weapons, what composition do you guys think it would be the best?
I’m running Mira, Konrad, Abraham, Yumi and Siddiq atm, but from what I’m seeing, even being a very good toon, Konrad is not the same anymore, he’s relying in AD, if it doesn’t proc, he dies first turn most likely.

So I’ve been thinking in maybe run 5 legendaries and see what happens, the problem is that I still don’t have 4 impair weapons, just 3, so 1 of my blue toons would be vulnerable and the enemy would be able to get AR on him.

Do you guys think it would be a good idea to put Shiva in the place of Konrad and trick the enemy to attack her, and if she survives turn 1, Siddiq command and Shiva rush turn 1?

All legendaries besides Tyreese and Ezekiel are full AR (Ty 5, Ez 2)
Yumi active is 5, Shiva is 3 and Ty is 3.


Imo keep Krad in the lineup


I use 5* Carson lead against Mira leads because everyone uses ty behind her, so Shiva would definitely ruin strategy for me :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t use Shiva on my range defense unless she had -30AP. Even then, I would probably never put her behind Mirabelle

Konrad is indeed trash now, but unless it’s Absolute Defense, or -30 AP it won’t help your range


your team is a bit of a mix between damage and tanky toons, you could try swapping out Yumi for zeke or shiva. I know Zeke isn’t quire ready yet with low level AR but his guardian shield is very annoying, and helps with tanky teams.

Yumi dies quite quickly on defence, so the only way to keep her alive for long enough is to have her in a team full of big hitters, so if you run her you also should run Ty. but that plays into people like EternalEnemy’s hands who see Mira and go all yellows to kill ty.

During wars (the only time I ever have my proper defence up) I am running Mira, Ty, Yumi, 6* hershal, and shield shone. Like you I am tempted to get rid of the shield and bring in another 6* for me it would be another Ty, but at the moment it seems to work ok. I think the only real viable defences at the moment are made by the weapons, as most people have similar teams and the 6* that have been released seem more about offence than defence at the moment.


This thread is probably legit, but I’m so far behind you that it just feels like a gloat thread.
Congrats dude, You’re doing very well. :smile:

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