Open up regions please!

There has been a huge plea from the community to open up Outbound and Inbound for the following regions:

1. Fairfield
2. Orangeburg
3. Kershaw
4. Mccormick
5. Edgefield
6. Lexington
7. Abbeville
8. Newberry

Scopely, can you please expedite this? Your team is taking too long to make this happen.

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If those are new regions they are better closed.


They are more than 8 months and alot of people are inactive in those regions.

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I hope they will open them but they will probably read through your post and ignore it.

I guess you are right. There are numerous pleas from others and yet scopely is taking so long to open up regions for the above mentioned. Really disappointed with poor response from them.


All my friends are in Kershaw, people can leave but not join. Im hoping to go there and finally be happy.

Baseline to open new regions is 1 year. There are some exceptions though & it depends on how far everyone has come along with their teams.

I doubt this matters as these “new” regions are already being paired up in CRW with regions that are years old.

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Open it… new hunting grounds for the whales. Lol


I hear ya. 4 Russian regions in the last mix for us.

Unfortunately the new regions will quickly be flooded with whale factions that will dominate the relatively new competition

Be careful what you wish for. Once a region is open anyone can come in. But honestly, we are now on three crw in a row. Seems like AOW is dead except for the random blitz.

Btw… 8 months is nothing. Some of us were suffering for 2 plus years before they finally did something about it.

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Bump this thread, scopely any updates?

Wrong, I just hope to remind Scopely over and over! There are players from about 8 regions asking the same thing. I just had the time to bump up this thread, any problem?

Open Bedford [ch] too (out)

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