Open more of the town map.. add more storyline


It has been forever since most people have finished the story line. We need more of the town to be open so that we can get more farms etc. My recommendation is when you do this, do NOT add any more material posts. Only add farms, and maybe increase the amount of food production from the current ones to fit with the games current economy.


Why would they want to add more farms for free? When they can just give us the chance to buy a $20 offer for 1 million food and a few trainers.


Add new training ground lvl with burts and other trainers at a reasonable food/survivor cost so we can actually feel ascension progress.


Maybe raise the Town Hall max level one at a time to control the release the max level on all the buildings


It would be really good if you could make 2,3 and 4* trainers ascendable as well to help with collecting those all essential Benedicts:)