Open chat during war (correction)


Please correct the chat window pop up for wars.
While a war event is on, when we open chat to see new messages it shows first the combat events.
Can you please change it and show first no matter what, our faction chat.
I know its silly suggestion but will do our life easier when we talk with faction mates during war.


Actually a bloody good suggestion

Also, it is frustrating that when you swipe right and left on the chat window, the scroll order is different to when you open the chat up. Can’t remember how the order is wrong but its a bit frustrating in the heat of battle when you need to chastise some noobs for not taking a tower.


Please address this problem…we need faction chat pops up first.


Absolutely… its the worst. Change would be appreciated.


@kalishane Please look into that issue…chat can be better :slight_smile:


Is there a chance for something to be done?


Very good suggestion actually. It is infuriating opening chat seeing war updates rather than faction chat, & as @Kanaima says the order in which chats appear changes depending where you open the chat.

Any chance of a small QOL change? @CombatDevIl @CombatMan @Agrajag


Still nothing…any news?


it should have been done ages ago.


Its a simle change that can be done in a few minutes :confused:


Hey you… go vote…

…or dont, it’s pretty clear.