OP Towers in War


Enough with the Over Powered Towers Scopely. War is turning into whoever gets the towers win again


You must be new if you think these are op, when you could get 30% atk to all and 50% atk to 2 of the 4 traits and they stacked, that was op, these are relatively minor compared to what they have been in the past.


These arent overpowered at all and are fine.


While you definitely got a point, I still feel OPs statement has some true core.

We just faced a faction with 6 Carl leads. They got DEF and ATT tower. Cutting through all the DEF-stats was barely possible.
A 6* with 1500-2000 DEF plus 40% from Carl, plus another 30% from a weapon add up. And then you still have some buffing toons like SR-Eze. My Shiva doing a measly 150 damage per attack (agains fast toons) was a pretty sad watching to.

Now if there was a larger variety of available 6* toons, I could probably have adopted my team accordingly. But however, we gotta work with what we have, right?


You should be able to kill sr zeke round 1, even with defence buff from general, tower, weapon and carl

When his ar goes of yeah that team will become very tanky.

If shiva is doing only 150 dmg i assume you go in without an atk lead and or atk on her weapon.

Red kenny or red andrea lead will be perfect for a green/red offense.


don’t mind if they replace tower buffs with something else, like war energy regeneration 20% up, war points 20% up, bonus 5* per hit , etc


I’m not new. Being playing well over a year and I lead a top 5 faction. I remember the +50% att but during that time, we didn’t have 6* or things like confuse or taunt. When we get Towers such as the AP boost or att bonus for a specific trait, our wars go for 30 min or sometimes to time.

This war, it’s over in under 5 min if the opposition uses cans. No point repairing or coining when they have 5 stacked in the tower. So war has been reduced to who is quicker to the tower. Pretty boring and killing the only thing that keeps a lot of my players in the game.