Oops, sorry for flexing on you 💪

Look :eyes: at what I just got from acendance. All the whale teams :whale2: , watch out :flushed:, F2P is coming for you next war :gun::smiling_imp:


Nah, YOU :point_up_2: better watch :eyes: out… for Michelle :woman_zombie:, f2p :angel: and p2p :japanese_goblin: alike are coming for that Eric :triumph:


All the whales retired, nothing but F2P left in the game.

Yawn,I’ve had him

Ascended him about 5 minutes after he went live :joy:


Been trying for him but nothing yet :sob: Cant wait to get Michelle tho cause Eric is everywhere! Also building up some 4* reds to start going for Donnie

Imma stop you right there buckaroo i have been having eric and his rush is maxed. Imma also flex by saying i got him a day before he became ascendable.

Ps. im hiding my pain after ascending and got a blue barker (Not ascendable). He heals 100% hp to 3 teammates and it costs 106 ap. so an even shit version of caroline(i think)

This is so sad, can we get a 6* Caroline legacy with:

1,800 HP
1,300 ATK
2,300 DEF
56 AP Rush: Heals entire team by 40% HP for 2 turns and recovers from stun, impair, and confusion.
Turn 2 active skill: Give 40% Bonus HP to 2 teammates.

isnt caroline the one who heals 100hp to 3 teammates? So her rush would be the same with extra stuff like def or attack.

Yes, infact, she was my favorite medic in the 5* Era. I had 2 of her in my main team.

oh god you where one of those? i hated fighting against her. so many stuns so much healing and when you think you are about to kill one someone rushes and bam you have made no progress.

Support characters are my favorite. I remember my old team. Safety behind Bars Rick, Double Mirabelle, double Caroline.

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my only healer for a very long time was 4* denise. until i got 5* christmas lori.

Shortly after Eric became ascendable, I got him first try from ascending 4* tough. Pretty magical seeing as my luck seems to be non existent in this game majority of the time. xTiTnEHBh7qapyuvwQ

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I only get Lily. Damn you guys.