Onslaught zzzzzz

no milestones, late, no nothing zzz boring af


Srsly, no rewards at all?


nope, nothing, not even league points lol

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It took the team 2 hours and 10 minutes to remove them.


@JB.Scopely working as intended or do we get some restart with proper rewards?


As planned! Lmao

Has anyone managed to match yet?

Still searching. Also not seeing any milestones as rewards. Not going to do a single battle if there’s no rewards. Why would anyone? What a joke.

We matched the rewards for wins were some elite item tokens and league tokens… woo hooo.

Milestones was the only reason it was just about worth taking part.
Now? Lmao :joy::joy:

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Its a great game mode for playing on the can, so maybe if you drop a dump every hour you will enjoy it.

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With no rewards i’m sitting this out zzzzzz

Even if you come first you get this :joy::poop:

Come on scopes sort it out

You made the most boring of events interesting and gone back to being a borefest


What a comedy of errors, I think the scopely teams is the Washington Generals of the gaming industry.

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At least they won’t hear us complaining that the rewards are terrible. Not sure why we’re incentivised to play if we’re only really getting league trophies though.

The rewards were actually good on onslaught and nobody was complaining.
Therefore, the withdraw.

No, the rewards were previously good on onslaught. Who knows what dross would have been there this time if they’d remembered to include them.

all time low for the game

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Hold on to your single survivors, 250 people can exchange them for 250000 coins and a Mr jones

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